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Autumn Games and Puzzles- Games and Puzzles made with Fall photos

Butterfly Puzzles - Puzzles made with photos of Butterflies

Random Puzzle: Let the computer pick a puzzle to play. Use a page link to return.

Memory Match Games Memory Match Games: Find the Matching Pairs. Test your memory! Match the Animals | Match the Aquatic Sea Critters | Flower Match Game| Match the Scenes
Missing Jigsaw PieceMissing Jigsaw Piece: Find and click on the missing pieces of the puzzle. Uhmm..Lets see...
Spring Flowers Game | Spring Flowers 2 | Roses Game | Roses 2 Game Sea Life Game | Sea Life 2
Flipping Puzzle Game Flipping Photo Puzzle: Solve the puzzle by rotating the squares until all the pieces are in the right places. A bit of a challenge.
Meerkat | Gosling | Jelly Fish | Sea Horse | Bridge on Path | Golden Gate Bridge
Piece of the Picture Puzzle Piece of the Picture Games: A bit of the picture is shown on the left. Find and click on the area of the picture that is shown as quickly as possible.
Animals Picture Game | Animals 2 | Flowers Picture Game | Flowers 2                                              Objects Picture Game | Apple Orchard
Rubik Cube Puzzle Game Rubik Cube Puzzle Games: Java rubik puzzles with photos
Animals Rubik Cube | Aquatic Animals Puzzle | Rubik Cube with Scenic Photos |
Rubik Cube with Flower Photos
Picture Puzzle Picture Puzzles: Solve the puzzles within the given amount of time. Swap position with another piece by moving the piece into that position with the mouse. Each game has four levels. Java games may take a while to load. Animals Picture Puzzles | Flower Picture Puzzles | Scenic Picture Puzzles. Toddlers Version 6-Piece Puzzles: Animals | Flowers |Scenic
Kaleidoscopes Kaleidoscopes: Interactivie kaleidoscopes with photos:
Sea Life Kaleidoscopes | Roses Kaleidoscopes | Autumn Kaleidoscopes
Warp an Animal Animal Stretch: Just for fun... Play with the photo by clicking and dragging.
Orangutan | Eagle | Duck | Tiger | Pig

www.akidsphoto.com, Animal Photos
Animal Photos
Photos of Animals and wildlife. Categories are listed by the Family type.
www.akidsphoto.com, flower photos
Flower Photos
Roses, Lillies, Mums, Red Star are among the various types of the pictures of flowers.
www.akidsphoto.com, scenic photos
Scenic Photos
Landscapes, waterscenes, histroic, general outdoor places and scenes are included.
www.akidsphoto.com, Still Life Photos
Still Life Photos
Landscapes, waterscenes, histroic, general outdoor places and scenes are included.
www.akidsphoto.com, Fun and Games
Fun and Games
Puzzles, greeting cards are among the things to do while you visit the site.